Dr. Abrams collaborates with various mental health & non-profit organizations, community organizers, college campus groups and other businesses to bring wellness education and tools to the community.  She is a well-known resource for professional groups seeking consultation around issues of diversity, leadership, work/life balance and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health & illness.  Dr. Abrams also creates trainings and presentations to meet the specific needs of your organization and industry. Discounted rates are available for non-profit & public service organizations.


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mental health & wellness in the black community

Ascension Behavioral Health widely services persons of African descent and provides information, training, education and support on topics of diversity, health disparities related to racism, the influence of media on PoC and race-based trauma.


stress management

Rates of stress related mental & emotional illness are steadily increasing; Ascension Behavioral Health provides applicable resources, tools and trainings on how to balance your individual, group or organizational needs with society's demands.


women's health

Ascension Behavioral Health understands needs that are specific to women at any stage of life. Facilitated groups, trainings and wellness workshops are geared towards increasing awareness, skills and opportunities for women to live their best life.


effective communication

Not getting your needs met in personal and professional spaces? Feeling anxious, overwhelmed or taken advantage of? Oftentimes, our lives don't look the way we want because we're unsure how to create the circumstances that best suit our needs, leaving us unhappy & unfulfilled. Ascension Behavioral Health provides assertiveness training, education on healthy boundaries and how to have those difficult life dialogues.