Specialized Therapy for Individuals & Couples

The hummingbird is often portrayed as a healer,
reminding us that the sweetest nectar is within,
for us to discover.

Ascension Behavioral Health, LLC provides expert psychological treatment and consultation services for individuals, couples, groups and organizations. Dr. Ayanna Abrams, founder & CEO,  established ABH in 2012 to provide much needed wellness care to the community; care that is comprehensive, collaborative and healing. 


Clinical Services

Seeking therapy is a courageous and important first step towards deep healing, growth and long-term change. Using an empathic and holistic approach to treatment, Dr. Abrams will focus on your unique biological, environmental & social narrative to determine the kind of support you need. With couples, she practices an evidence-based, structured style to help heal, reconnect and bring energy back to your relationship.

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Speaking & Consultation

Dr. Abrams enjoys speaking about mental health and wellness to small and large groups. She provides education, strategies and resources for healthier living from individual, to institutional, to community needs.  Some topics she has facilitated include stress & anxiety management, mental health & wellness in the black community and healthy entrepreneurship. Dr. Abrams can also create new programs based on your specific needs.

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