Silence The Shame: A Panel on Mental Health ft. Dr. Abrams

Picture this: An event that brings mental health, celebrity music and filmmaking, blackness, AND expert clinical knowledge and care all in one sitting. FOR FREE. Got the image?

Now watch this (1hr16m & worth every second!):

As you've seen in the video clip above (I hope you watch the WHOLE thing!), I recently had the wonderful opportunity to participate on a panel that brought together so many things that I love, to a community in dire need of life saving change. The panel, hosted by Silence the Shame and BronzeLens Film Festival, and Giants the Series (an Issa Rae production), was offered to the Atlanta community to continue the conversation about black mental health and how far and wide suffering in silence really affects us disproportionately. Celebrity panelists Shanti Das (Founder), Keri Hilson and Necole Kane shared their heartbreaking yet empowering stories of depression and how this affected them in isolation. Also featured on the panel is writer & actor, James Bland who created the series, and Vaughn Gay, an Atlanta based licensed professional counselor.

The audience and community response to this event has honestly been overwhelming--in a great way--and has moved me so deeply in ways I didn't think it would. I am STILL getting messages about how helpful our stories and information were for so many, and I'm glad that there is this video to continue to share with the masses. So...please share with the masses!

We want to continue reminding the community that mental health care is accessible and by culturally sensitive therapists who are ready to help you. Have you ever attended a mental health event? What did you learn?

As always, you can keep up with opportunities to see me speak on panels and host events at @AscensionBehavioralHealth on Facebook and here on the blog!