Giants S2: E2 - Go Get It

Episode 2 is packing more drama into the lives of Journee, Ade and Malachi, (JAM, as I like to call them) which gives me a lot to talk about! I'm most intrigued by what we're learning about Malachi's story that either I totally missed last season or is a new dynamic that the writer is pulling through. Either way, I'm here for it, while cussing the whole time. Let's get into it:

First things first, in case you forgot from Episode 1: Journee is FRIEND. FO'. LIFE. In a matter of seconds, Journee uses her savvy to get major key info about one of the men who assaulted & robbed Malachi. We'll call him...assault-bae. Though I don't love this set up because he's clearly not on the right side of life, Journee does not hesitate to try to help Malachi get his money back. She's a keeper!

Does anyone else want all the backstory on Ade and Malachi? Ade is extra lusty-looking in nearly every interaction with 'Chi, and I can't imagine that Malachi doesn't know this. You can't like...feel him undressing you with his eyes, Malachi? Between the bed scenes and the shower scenes, that whole back area of the apartment is thick with sexual tension that's GOTTA be addressed before someone bursts. Ade's ongoing confusion and shame is harder to watch as the episodes progress, especially with his late night trysts from the internet. I wonder when he's going to choose him, his narrative & his truth.

In this episode we also see Ade really trying to navigate the dating/hook-up world. Oh, the apps abound. It's so common now to use technology as a main means to connect because it allows for less direct social interaction, is more convenient, and seemingly ideal for people to ease into getting to know others. However, what often happens is that the use of apps creates SO much access to others that people find themselves skipping over actually getting to know each other--you meet/"match", share location details, and get to gettin' it, no stops in between. Less emotional involvement, more physical involvement, and literally thousands of people at your fingertips with which to miscommunicate and not really get to know them. When there is shame, guilt or doubt, use of apps to connect with people you don't really need to remain connected to, becomes an easy distraction, relief, or short-lived feeling of flattery or connection to another energy. Doesn't require much thinking, feeling or processing, but can hold someone over emotionally juuuuuuust long enough to where they actually believe they are building relationships. Ade is becoming quite adept at this, in efforts to keep his attractions private. But then we come across attractive waiter Kwasi, though initially confusing & off-putting, who presents a different experience for Ade that seems to have more depth, interest and maturity--but I'm really not sure Ade is ready for this. I vote for seeing much more of Kwasi!

Journee: Whole new mood looking good on you, boo! She is up cooking, cleaning, even grocery shopping for the apartment. Her depressive episode seems to be lifting, though she's not in the clear just yet. Nosebleeds? When did these begin? How often do they happen? I have questions. I'm worried and I have questions. We get a quick glimpse of a past experience that also has a storyline that we NEED--Journee comes across a sonogram of a pregnancy from 2010 and it gives her pause. Gosh, what has this girl been through? Bestie Malachi slides in & does what he does best for Journee--

encourages her to get back into therapy--like GREAT friends do

--and she's not against it. If there's a therapy clip in this season I will give it UP to Giants! Even with some emotional turmoil, Journee seems on the up & up most of the episode...until this DAMNED laundry room scene. Minding her business, making friends and getting back into the swing of things, LAWRENCE, Journee's most recent sex partner who went back into his long-term relationship after connecting really well with Journee, pops up around the corner in a way I don't think anyone anticipated. Wow. Impulsive Journee emerges, as we get another glimpse into how she handles negative emotion---->i.e. avoid. Impulsive behaviors can also be present in bipolar disorder, which leads me to wondering if Journee is actually on an upswing to a manic episode instead of a healthy baseline. 

And then we have...Malachi. I gotta say, he's really disappointed me this season and I find myself feeling really mad at him and surprised at his ability to use his friends' things without regard for their needs (I'm acting like I know him LOL). We've now seen several instances of this: 1) using Journee's car to escort and feeling entitled enough to not tell her where he will be driving it 2) using Ade's apartment to run an escort service 3) using Ade's car to get around and had the NERVE to stand him up for lunch, while poaching the dance auditioners for his escort service. I don't need anymore examples to be really over Malachi and heartbroken because I love Malachi! He's so steeped in improving his financial situation that he's willing to sacrifice the trust of his friends to feel more comfortable. Though he expresses gratitude at every turn, he literally turns around and takes advantage of something else soon afterwards. I'm interested to see if there's a longer history of this kind of behavior from Malachi--and even more interested in the fact that there's sexual history or tension with BOTH of his besties--who do a lot to help him out of binds...coincidence? Or naaaww.....



-Malachi is a runner. HIIIIIIIIII MALACHI. 

-This quote from 'Chi's online life coach: "Your dream isn't big enough if it only requires you."--I really like this and I agree! Big dreams require a strong village.

-Make sure you catch Giants Revealed--the aftershow to every episode! I just caught up to both of them and I was able to put SO many pieces together that I wouldn't have otherwise. Love seeing the actors from the episodes share their thoughts, and watch James Bland talk about what and how he created these storylines. #GiantsObsessed a bit? Sure. In this episode reveal, James brought up a really good question about what people feel they need to do to survive in life.

What would you say that you do, or are willing to do, to survive? Looking back, I have certainly surprised myself at healthy & unhealthy ways that I behaved in order to deal with life circumstances that either happened to me or that I created. Thank the universe that my problem solving skills have matured with my age!

Catch up & keep up with me on YouTube: Giants The Series.