2018 Extreme Makeover!

Welcome BACK to a refreshed look over here at Ascension Behavioral Health, folks! As some of you know, I've been wanting to breathe some new life into ABH's web presence and make it more representative of my personality, my clinical and community interests, and how I see myself in the world. Most of the information has remained unchanged, but I needed an energy shift...so I created one!

Thanks to hours of work with one of my forever friends, Brickney Copeland, the site is right where I want it and now I can get to this backlog of blogs I owe you wonderful readers! We are already one full month into 2018 and I've had so many experiences since last fall within and outside of my practice---I'm excited to share new insights, new connections, new interests and upcoming community engagements that are already on my calendar for the year. 

Please stay tuned for it ALL and continue to like, comment and share what feels useful on the site! For newcomers, feel free to browse through the site to learn more about me, my services and my interests & check out old blog posts while you're at it! 

Don't forget, I can also be reached at my Facebook page, @AscensionBehavioralHealth LLC for more updates and mental health content. 

As always & til next time, Dr. A

February 2018Dr. AComment