Insecure S2E7: Hella Disrespectful

Tension is building this episode, and not even slowly; it's thick and it's real messy. Let's attend the messiest dinner of the summer!

Issa starts the episode still feeling embarrassed about her incident with Daniel; not about her reaction but about "what he did to her," and has a battery cranked up in her back per Molly, who is ready to go guns blazing and defend her friend! Issa says that she was trying to show Daniel that he's special to her but....really? She doesn't try to show him his special-ness, and doesn't talk about him as though he's special, any other time she's dealing with him. So this was the opportunity you chose? I wonder where Issa is learning how to show people what they mean to her.  Issa questions Daniel on what happened between them, and he expresses guilt and even a little bit of shame, which surprised me. "I guess we're even now," & "Now you know how I felt." Wait....WHAT? Daniel, did you do this on purpose, dear? My good Daniel who I was rooting for? Say it ain't so! But I think it is so and again, Issa loses it. Hard lines set, and they seem over. 

Molly admits to Issa that she is still sleeping with Dro. She's confused and feels judged by Issa likely because she's judging herself. Issa lends her support by eventually being quiet about it but I'm sure she's got a TON to say. And as she should! Molly out here giving keys to her home and buying expensive & thoughtful popcorn gifts for a man she's not committed to--someone needs to say SOMEthing! This low-key attitude about Dro attending a mutual friend's dinner with his WIFE really amazes me. And that, "We're still us" line from Dro--how will that look when you're an "us"--with your wife--at this dinner--in Molly's face? Good luck with that, Molly.

I'm kinda digging Lawrence and his coworker Aparna getting to know each other. Could end terribly of course, but I like her spirit and her honesty. She's a straight shooter and has a sense of humor. Lawrence even says, "I've made mistakes jumping in something too fast before and I don't want to do that with you." Say whaaaaaaaaat?!? I see that GROWTH, Lawrence! I don't fully trust it yet, but I see it! Didn't I ask for this in my last post?? Thank you, Universe, for looking out for me on this one cuz whew, I needed it. Lawrence's egregious misstep? Don't bring new partner to event with old partner, especially when this is the first time you'll see her since the romp! Who taught you this?

This actually might be another L receiving episode for Issa--yikes. Learning that Lawrence will be at Tiffany's dinner party for Derek is exactly what she doesn't need right now, but she'll get it. In these scenarios, I understand that it can feel unfair to not go to events you might see an ex at, to change your whole social life it seems; but for your own self care and emotional control, you can choose not to go! You don't need to be at all of the events, ever. Protect your downward spiral, because no one else will. Things are tense with Issa & Molly because she's disappointed in her, and then Lawrence shows up with uninvited Aparna, as if seeing him wasn't enough to send her over several deep ends. There was no way that Issa was making it through that dinner with everything in tow.

And even though I have so much to say about that...this part happens:


Issa and Lawrence's super nasty PUBLIC fight. NOPE. Big ol' NOPE. Who are either of you talking to like this? MOlly head nodding Lawrence to go after Issa when she leaves the dinner struck me as odd and...nah. This is not the time or place to finally talk about what has happened, and Molly could have gone to support her friend. You send Lawrence to be with her when you know she's on the edge? This argument came complete with the following: Low blows. Cursing. Name calling. Demanding and inappropriate questions. Accusations. Disrespect. Questions that were really just more accusations. More cursing. All team tew much and it shouldn't take Aparna coming outside to find you, to have stopped this trainwreck. 

And cannot forget how Molly has been struggling this episode too. She feels disrespected at work when her efforts to receive a merited raise are redirected and stalled. Unfortunately, I don't anticipate this changing anytime soon and this might be the last thing that pushes Molly away from this office for good. I support it! Doesn't help her day when she goes to Derek's birthday dinner and has the awkward encounter with her friend, Candice, whom's husband she's having sex with. Candice, do you know? Something tells me that you know. Lemme know if you know when you can. Molly is feeling overlooked and ignored for a few more hours now at dinner, leading her further into insecure pastures, where she's frolicking with her panties down with Dro IN.THE.BATHROOM. Recent vulnerable Molly moments have all ended with Dro. I need you to remember all the coping skills you had before him, please. And now to return to dinner after you've fixed your dress & your hair. You are using the luck I wished you earlier and this didn't get worse for you with a public scene I saw coming. But, I remain hopeful. Something shifted that night, maybe the talk with her mother and feeling increased shame, but Molly ended things with Dro. For now at least. 

Interested to see what's pulled together in the finale and where we Insecurers are left hanging! What do you think? Peep below for some more I couldn't fully get to --->

Also, and as well:

-I fell OUT at the way the principal looked at Frieda when she jumped in the conversation about including Latino children in the program. I need him completely out of positions of power that require couth. Out!

-I'm glad Molly talked to her mom. Asked really meaningful questions and her mother's answers were so human, so honest. 

-Issa destroying her apartment is realistic. I've been seeing conversation swirl that "black people don't do this." But since when? People filled with emotions that are seemingly too big for them can quickly turn to rage, regardless of culture. Socially and in the media, we tend to hear these stories in white adolescence, so I can understand some of the confusion. We've seen Issa act out & lash out in many ways this season, so I'm not surprised at all that she begins taking everything out on inanimate objects that can't hurt her back.

-Dr. A