Dr. A. on Mental Health Awareness in the Black Community

It's still Minority Mental Health Awareness Month! I forgot to post this in May for Mental Health Awareness Month, but still timely now, my first podcast! I was so honored to be invited by BLKHLTH to be featured on their first podcast since they began this important journey. I first came across this amazing group of scholars on social media and immediately wanted to connect with them around all things black health related. I attended an event with two organizers of BLKHLTH that allowed space for young black women to #GirlTalk about shared experiences, pains and joys and was thrilled at the attendance, transparency and healing that I was able to witness. Check out the podcast below and please share! Though this month is dedicated specifically to raising awareness about the disparities in mental health care for racial & ethnic minorities, EVERY day/month can be devoted to increasing awareness about & access to mental health care. I hope you learn and enjoy! 

BLKHLTH podcast with Dr. A

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