Discussing Therapy On Dates - Dr. A. Says YES, PLEASE!

this. This. THIS! I don't watch reality TV and I've never watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette series, but I hear enough about them both on social media/in the "news" to know what goes on during the dramatic, plot twist-y seasons. However, this recent season has a plot twist that I was really excited to hear about--mental health! Though another important note to make about this season is the first black bachelorette (a move that has several implications, some important and some frustrating), this clip introducing mental health has other widespread implications around a mission to #EndStigma related to mental health & mental illness. Not only is there a male participant who introduces the subject and honors his therapeutic work for how it's helped him in relationships, Rachel followed suit with her own personal story of using therapy to answer some questions and get unstuck. I understand this is a tricky subject to bring up on a date, first date or otherwise, because of the negativity attached to therapy & seeking treatment to better yourself. People are more likely to share that they have other medical conditions rather than anything related to their brains or emotions, or won't share at all. This is not to say that sharing your PHI (Personal Health Information) when you are vetting someone is necessary for attachment, interest or love, however it begs the question of what your motivation is to share or not share. Privacy or shame? Once you're able to honestly answer that question, you can dig a little deeper as to what embracing those things, personally or publicly, would mean to you and what it could potentially release you from. 

So kudos to this pair for embracing it with each other and publicly! Whether they end up together or Rachel chooses someone else, only time will tell, but at least they've taken a step towards advocacy and removing the shame from their game (pun intended)! 

If there are any other clips from shows that speak to mental health, let's share them! Til then--Dr. A