Worlds Apart: Thank You, Heineken

Worlds Apart

Heard about the new Heineken ad? I'm sure many people have; it's already surpassed 3 million views and there are a number of articles comparing it to the recently pulled Pepsi ad. A social experiment gone right, discussing important issues and showing how beautifully human an open mind and a chance given, can really be.

The ad gives us a glimpse of what we don't see too often when people differ; willingness to talk, listen, be accountable, be respectful and even enjoy the dialogue through the differences. I understand that there are limitations within the ad. No ad can do all of the work. Additionally, I recognize that a beer can't do all of the work either. However, the entirely of the ad can remind us that we all have a choice in scenarios of difference.

What do you think of the new ad? Would love to hear! Til next time - Dr A.