Pt. 2 Soul Food Series: Guided Breathwork


Join Us In A Guided Breathwork Session Focused on Healing the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Saturday | March 11, 2017 10:00am - 4:00pm


  • A contemporary form of traditional African healing practice that uses music and trance meditation to arouse the life force energy in the human body to activate spiritual evolution.

  • A practice that promotes a healthy connection between the mind, body, and spirit via deep and rapid breathing, which creates expanded states of consciousness.

  • Group sharing and an active meditation experience (approx. 90 min.).

  • A resource to reduce stress, gain clarity about your spiritual process, reconnect to your authentic sense of self and develop skills to put into practice.



  1. Are you stressed?

  2. Do you have questions and need clarity around the spiritual dimension of your life?

  3. Are you disconnected from your authentic sense self?

  4. Do you need better tools to create spiritual success?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, breathwork can help you...

  1. Release old emotions and reduce stress.

  2. Gain clarity about your spiritual process.

  3. Reconnect with your intuitional wisdom.

  4. Gain tools to improve your personal power and create spiritual success everyday.


9:30 am Arrival - (no late arrivals are accepted)

10:00 am Welcome/Introductions

10:15 am Overview of Breathwork

10:30 am Group Sharing

11:45 Break: Set-up

12:00 pm Breathwork Meditation Experience

1:30 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Group Sharing

3:30 pm Closing Questions & Reflections


$65 | Pre-registration until March 5, 2017
$75 | After March 5, 2017
A light vegetarian lunch is included



Maat E. Lewis, Ph.D. is a licensed and board certified African-Centered Black psychologist. She supports people to reduce stress, gain clarity about their spiritual process, reconnect to their authentic sense of self, and develop skills to put into practice. 

As a professor, mother, initiated yoga practitioner, and certificated breathwork facilitator, she works with people to integrate their sense of spirit and psychology, to inspire reconnection to their inner wisdom, and initiate transformation that creates personal power and everyday spiritual success.


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Soul Food Series Pt. 2