Lessons From the Mental Hospital

"...superhero capes. Our capes are what we put over our real selves so that our real tender selves don't have to be seen and can't be hurt." 

I recently read two memoirs by author and blogger, Glennon Doyle Melton (see links below). They were brutally yet refreshingly honest, heartfelt, and best of all, forgiving. She shares issues with alcoholism, drugs and bulimia that took over her life from a very young age, and how these all played a role in how she connected (or did not at all connect) with others.  She turned her truths into a blog, bestselling books and a sold out tour that have touched people all over the country and likely the world because she dared to tell her truths and challenged us to do the same.

In her Tedx video, Glennon talks about what she learned when she was committed to a mental hospital when she was a teenager; when she finally decided to tell her truth to a guidance counselor. Obviously, most people don't know how terrifying this experience can be when you are already scared, confused, lonely or feeling helpless. What most people also don't know, is how transformative this experience can be, when you are allowed to be your hurt & vulnerable self amongst others who have similar feelings. When the masks are off. When you don't have to pretend to be OK. She emphasizes where, when and how she chose to tell her truths.

Check out the video below and ask yourself: Where, when & how do you tell your truth(s)? 

Lessons From the Mental Hospital Tedx

Glennon's Blog

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