Suicide Rates on the Rise in Black Youth

"Hoping your child is okay isn’t an effective strategy to protect their emotional health."

Research has shown that depression/suicide rates among black youth are steadily on the rise. Most research on depression & suicide use adult white samples, but fortunately, culturally sensitive research & resources continue to grow to help meet the needs of these youth. Factors that may contribute to the rise of serious mental illness among black children include (but are not limited to):

  • marginalization
  • discrimination, prejudice, bias
  • lack of community and financial resources
  • lack of or miseducation about health, esp. mental health
  • mistrust/suspicion of healthcare system
  • misdiagnosis
  • underdiagnosis

Studies also continue to look at factors like:

  • exposure to violence in home & school
  • trauma
  • harsher discipline in school settings
  • harsher legal system

Black people are less likely to seek treatment and less likely to receive adequate care once they are connected to a healthcare provider.  Dr. Abrams specializes in work with older black adolescents, adults & couples. Check back here for more articles on mental health and ways to protect yours and the health of those you love. Til then - Dr. A


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