Ascension Behavioral Health, LLC

Ascension Behavioral Health, LLC

Talk therapy is a treatment mode that allows you to work with a professional to help you learn better ways to deal with problems that arise in your life. A person usually seeks counseling for clarity and change when in distress in one or more areas of their life. Therapy can help you to explore and improve your emotional, behavioral, spiritual and relationship functioning.

Dr. Abrams primarily works with individuals who seek therapy to address a number of concerns including anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship distress, adjustment to life changes/transitions and trauma.  She uses an empathic and strengths-based approach to understand you and help you toward a better understanding of yourself, your goals and ways to overcome the obstacles that leave you feeling stuck and/or out of place.  Dr. Abrams takes a holistic approach to treatment; focusing on your full biological, environmental and social narrative to help you make the most sense of what you need and how to get there. She works collaboratively with you towards these goals and gently challenges you to challenge yourself.



  • Managing Depression and/or Anxiety
  • Culturally Sensitive Treatment
  • Treatment with Black Clients / Couples
  • Grief & Loss
  • Working Through Past Issues
  • Improving Relationships
  • Making Difficult Transitions Successfully


To schedule a phone consultation and initial appointment, call Dr. Abrams at 732.733.6413 or email her at