Ascension Behavioral Health, LLC

Ascension Behavioral Health, LLC

Dr. Abrams works very closely with young adult clients (age 16 to 25). While this period of life can be exciting, insightful and hold so much room for growth, it can also be a very confusing and bumpy with physical, emotional and social changes.  Issues that may arise during this time can include relationship distress, identity confusion, education/career goal setting and independent decision-making.

Dr. Abrams works with individuals at this age to help them to learn more about themselves and their environment, make decisions that are congruent to their true selves, establish and maintain healthy relationships with others and challenge themselves in various areas of growth.


  • Social and Emotional Changes
  • Adjusting to College / Work Setting
  • Exploring Identity
  • Improving Self Esteem / Body Image
  • Transition after High School


To schedule a phone consultation and initial appointment, call Dr. Abrams at 732.733.6413 or email her at